Time to ditch your keys? The keyless lock controlled from your smartphone

If you’re like me, you always check to see that you have three things on you before you leave the house – your phone, your wallet and your keys. However, a Kickstarter funded project is looking to reinvent the key altogether.

Seasame Smart Lock from Candy House is an app-controlled lock that lets you share temporary access via a passcode and enter using your smartphone device, a custom knock or voice command.

Just like its simple design, its very simple and intuitive to install – an important aspect when it comes to something as easy as unlocking a door. Simply download the free app to your smartphone and place Sesame over any single cylinder deadbolt lock.  There’s no need to replace an existing lock, no need for unscrewing or even an Allen key.

The features of the Sesame Smart Lock

  • Share Access. Control who has access and when from anywhere in the world. This feature could be extremely useful for those instances when you want to allow workmen access to your home at specific times, or those moments when you want to allow a neighbour to feed the cat when you’re away on holiday. Simply add and remove people as you please.
  • Log Records. The app provides you with a notification every time the door is opened or closed.
  • Long Battery Life. Sesame lasts for roughly 500 days – well over a year and half – on lithium batteries and will notify you when battery life is low.
  • Remote Knock & Voice Control. There’s no need to even pull out your phone, simply set up a custom knock or talk to your phone to open your door.
  • Your Key Will Still Work. Your key isn’t completely redundant and can still be used to open the door.


What do we think of the Sesame Lock?

Sesame is expected to start shipping soon (by the end of September) now that it has passed rigorous tests and simulations. However, our advice would be to not to go out and rush to buy one just yet. Priced at $149 for the remote wifi access lock, Sesame is still a Kickstarter project that is yet to deliver entirely.

There is one major stumbling block. If your door has a deadbolt and another key accessed lock, you will be required to leave that lock unlocked at all times – something we would never recommend. A deadbolt is not enough to secure any property and you should you be broken into, you would find it incredibly difficult to claim on your insurance.

Like most smart locks, Sesame is a lovely piece of kit but whether it can work entirely in the real world is yet to be seen. Able 2 Access are specialists in the supply and installation of biometric locks which could be a more suitable solution and more cost-effective too. For all its slick design, videos and clever marketing, it’s clearly not time to ditch your keys just yet.