Able2Access, your local Leicester Locksmith, ensuring your locks are up to date

Able2Access aim to educate and help you secure your home and business at all times. If you have recently moved into a new home or business premises it is a good idea to have all your locks tested. Do they work efficiently? How old are the locks? Do you have keys to all the windows and doors?

If you have old ‘cylinder’ locks on either composite or uPVC doors ‘Lock snapping’ is an extremely common way for burglars to break entry into your home.

The good news is that new standards for euro cylinders have now been introduced and tests are carried out for lock snapping as a means of forced entry.

New, Higher Security Locks

There are of course many options available for securing your home.

1)Electronic locks are a great choice for preventing lock snapping break-in’s as there is no need for keys.

2) Key cards and pin codes for push button locks are easy to use.

3) Biometric locks are also becoming more attainable for homes as this gives controlled access from one single fingerprint.

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