Fab and Fix UPVC Sash Jammer

Fab and Fix UPVC Sash Jammer
Fab and Fix UPVC Sash Jammer

Fab and Fix UPVC Sash Jammer


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The Fab n Fix UPVC sash jammer is a non-locking face fixing sash jammer with a separate locking attachment.

Suitable for inward and outward opening windows, the arm swings across to prevent the window from opening.


  • Body Length: 75mm
  • Body Width: 20mm
  • Stack Height: 10mm
  • Arm swings across to prevent windows from opening
  • Available with separate locking unit to convert the sash jammer to a locking device (SJ2W, SJ2B and SJ2PB)
  • Jacknuts and screws supplied separately
  • 3mm packer pieces supplied separately and packer pieces can be stacked
  • Polybagged


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