TSS Case Only Deadlock Night Latch 60mm

TSS Case Only Deadlock Night Latch 60mm

TSS Case Only Deadlock Night Latch 60mm


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Nightlatches are a common locking product found mainly on residential front doors. They ordinarily feature a single sprung latch locking point which engages automatically when the door is shut, securing the property.

This TSS TSS 6 pin modern deadlocking narrow nightlatch represents a cost effective soltion for applications requireing a modern lock and standard level of security. The deisgn reflects that of the most popular nightlatches on the market and the modern look is suitable for a wide range of properties.

This nightlatch features a means of mechanical holdback which allows the sprung latch bolt to be physically retained within the body of the nightlatch. When this feature is activated, the latch will not engage when the door closes, therefore the door will not be secured. It is important to consider if this is a feature that is desirable for the application in question as in some circumstances the possibility of the door not being secured may cause issues. Also, some mechanical holdback devices also allow the latch to be secured in the locked position preventing access even when a key is used from outside deadlocking the door. It should also be considered if this is suitable for the application.

This is a deadlocking nightlatch and offers the ability to use the key from the outside to deadlock the door once shut. When deadlocked, the internal handle will not operate. This offers additional security from intruders who may attempt to manipulate the inside handle via the letterbox, or through open or broken windows.

Key operated from the outside and a thumb turn operation from the inside.