Locksmith services for students in Leicester

Posted by Chris Nicholls on

It’s the beginning of a new adventure for many students. Moving to a University in a new City can be an exciting prospect but unfortunately we understand that it is extremely common for many students to lose their keys!

In a case of you losing your keys or locking yourself out there is no need to panic! Able2Access are reliable, friendly, local locksmiths and are capable of resolving lockouts at any time of the day with our 24-hour service. We put our customers first and understand the importance of living securely.

It’s also good to know you will never be left out in the cold, as we have a key-cutting machine on site and carry over 600 keys so can supply you with keys there and then, along with spares.

In case of an emergency, save yourself the panic. Put our Leicester locksmith phone number into your phone and have peace of mind! 0800 118 2457

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