The latest technology in home security is at your fingertips

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Leicester Locksmith; Able2Access know only too well that new technologies are forever changing in the security world. We have all seen a move away from from standards keys to key fobs that unlock our cars and now Smart Home Security is available for our homes. We recently talked about the keyless lock which can be controlled from your smartphone.

Tighten up your home security

It has been reported on the National Home Security website that 6,000 burglaries were made last year from the finding of spare / hidden keys. With the introduction of these new keyless entry systems, our homes have the opportunity to be more secure via a pin code and key card.

Of course, security at home and in business can be addressed at many levels. Able2Access will, free of charge, visit your premises and survey your property and advise on any areas that can be improved.

Have a read on the Home Security Month website for more helpful advice.

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