Questions to ask yourself to help burglary prevention

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Without knowing it, sometimes your home can be exposed to burglars giving them every reason to aim for your house. Locks can do the job, but it is also important to help yourself. Able 2 Access Leicester Locksmiths are here to give you some advice!

1) Do you have overgrown hedges or bushes surrounding your home?

Overgrown hedges give a burglar the perfect hiding spot, so ensure they are cut back!

Top tip: Stones and gravel in your garden are great for alerting you if an intruder is approaching.

2) Does your home have a visible burglar alarm?

Making sure you have a burglar alarm showcasing the fact you have a security system is a good deterrent.

3) Is the outside of your home well lit?

Outdoor lights are great for making your home look occupied, even if it is not. These can be on constantly or set off by movement, instantly making potential burglars visible, likely to scare them away.

4) Do you have ladders visible in your garden?

Ladders on show encourage burglars even more, giving them a reason to go the extra mile.

Top tip:

Make sure ladders and any expensive garden equipment and bikes are stored away in a secure garage or shed with padlocks and secure locks, keeping it locked at all times. You can find a great video on choosing a good, secure padlock here – although we will of course be more than happy to recommend any security solutions you may need. You can request a free, no obligation security survey here.

5) Do your doors and windows have keys that are visible?

Having secure locks for windows and doors is great, but make sure you always keep window and door keys discrete, remembering to not have them on show on the window sill or keys left in the door.

Top tip: Get a cover for your letterbox for extra protection, so intruders cannot see inside your home.

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